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West Jordan Car Accident Lawyer

West Jordan car accident lawyer

If you live in West Jordan, Utah, then you are aware that motor vehicle accidents occur here all the time. West Jordan is one of the areas where auto accidents happen most in Utah. We know West Jordan auto accidents, whether it’s on I-215 or the Mountain View Corridor, Bangerter Highway, or Redwood Road.

When vehicles collide, you should seek medical care as soon as possible to ensure that the injuries are not life-threatening. Then, once your safety is established, reach out to a personal injury lawyer from our team who can help you.

At ReshLaw Accident & Injury, we have a tremendous amount of experience with car accident claims, specifically in West Jordan, and we can guide you through the process and advocate for your rights. Our personal injury law firm can provide you with a free consultation to discuss how we can provide you assistance in securing compensation for medical bills and property damage.

Learn more about personal injury claims below, and give us a call to schedule a free case consultation at (801) 810-RESH (7374).

Build Your Case With a Skilled West Jordan Car Accident Lawyer

Build your case with a skilled West Jordan car accident lawyer

Choosing the right legal representation can greatly influence the outcome of your car accident case. Our West Jordan car accident lawyers provide top-tier services, including:

  • Legal Representation for Car Accident Victims: We will represent you and your interests, helping you navigate through the complexities of the legal system.
  • Assistance With Insurance Claims and Negotiations: We can assist you in dealing with insurance companies, ensuring you get the settlement you deserve.
  • Pursuit of Compensation for Medical Expenses, Property Damage, and Other Losses: We fight for your right to compensation, covering all losses incurred due to the accident.
  • Wrongful Death Representation for Fatal Car Accidents: If your loved one tragically lost their life in a car accident, we can represent you in a wrongful death claim.
  • Handling of Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Cases: If a driver hits you without insurance protection, we will work with you to explore your options and get the compensation you deserve.

Statistics and Trends Related to Car Accidents in West Jordan

West Jordan is one of the most common places for accidents in the entire United States. According to a recent study, only nine cities in the United States have drivers with more accidents than West Jordan, Utah.

Researchers looked at data from 1.6 million car insurance applications to find the cities with the most accident-prone drivers. On average, 12.02% of all American drivers had an at-fault accident on their record from the previous seven years. West Jordan's rate, however, was 15.88%. That puts West Jordan at 10th in the nation when it comes to causing accidents. 

Below is the list of the top 20 most accident-prone cities in the U.S.:

  • Johns Island, South Carolina
  • Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Frisco, Texas
  • Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Roseville, California
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Gresham, Oregon
  • Woodstock, Georgia
  • Everett, Washington
  • West Jordan, Utah
  • Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Littleton, Colorado
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Pensacola, Florida
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina

While the exact numbers can vary from year to year, the Utah Department of Public Safety reports thousands of traffic accidents annually, with a significant number resulting in severe injury or fatality. Even an ostensibly minor car accident can lead to serious injuries, so always seek medical care if you have been involved in a collision. Then, call our law firm to discuss your next steps.

Common Types of Car Accidents in West Jordan

Common types of car accidents in West Jordarn

We handle car accidents from There are several types of car accidents we handle in the local area. A few common examples include:

Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions are often severe and can result in serious injuries or fatalities. They usually occur when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions crash into each other front-first. Common causes include reckless driving, distracted driving, and poor weather conditions.

Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents arise when the sides of two parallel cars touch. These can occur when a driver is changing lanes without checking their blind spots or not signaling. Such accidents can lead to serious injuries depending on the vehicles' speed.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents happen when a vehicle overturns and lands on its roof or side. These varieties of accidents can happen due to high-speed collisions, sharp turns, or hitting a roadside object. Rollover accidents often result in severe injuries due to the force and sudden nature of the crash.

T-Bone Accidents

T-Bone accidents, which can also be called side-impact crashes, happen when the hood of one car strikes the side of another. These types of accidents frequently happen at intersections and can result in serious injuries, especially for the person on the side where the impact happened.

Rear-End Collisions

These accidents can take place if a vehicle crashes into the one in front of it. These types of accidents often occur because of quick or unexpected stops, distracted driving, and tailgating. They can result in injuries like whiplash, especially when the collision happens at high speed.

Recoverable Injuries After a West Jordan Car Accident

Car accidents often result in a diverse range of injuries, varying in severity and long-term impact. Depending on the circumstances, you may suffer one or multiple types of physical, psychological, or emotional injuries. A few examples of common injuries we see following local car accidents include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): These can range from concussions to severe brain damage, often caused by a blow or jolt to the head during a car accident.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Arising from damage to the spinal cord or nerves, these injuries can lead to partial or complete paralysis.
  • Fractures: Bones may break or shatter upon impact during a collision, requiring extensive medical treatment and sometimes resulting in long-term disability.
  • Burns: Car accidents can cause burns if a fire ignites during the crash, leading to severe pain, scarring, and potential complications.
  • Lacerations: Broken glass and metal from a car collision can cause deep cuts, which can lead to significant blood loss and possible infection.
  • Internal Injuries: These can include damage to organs, internal bleeding, and other unseen but potentially life-threatening conditions.
  • Emotional Distress: Psychological trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can result from a terrifying car accident experience.

No matter the type of injury, seeking medical attention after a car accident is crucial. After seeing a doctor, seek legal counsel. By initiating a personal injury lawsuit, you could potentially receive compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages connected to these injuries.

What You Need To Do After a Car Accident

What you need to do after a car accident

After a car accident, you need to take specific steps to guarantee your safety and protect your rights. The most important steps include:

  • Immediate Actions To Take at the Accident Scene: This includes checking for injuries, moving to a safe area if possible, and calling 911.
  • Collecting Evidence and Documenting the Accident: Gather as much information as possible. This includes pictures of the scene, your injuries, damages to your vehicle, and contact information of the other driver and witnesses.
  • Reporting the Accident to the Authorities and Insurance Companies: Notify the police and your insurance company as soon as you can. When speaking with them, stick to the facts and avoid speculating about what happened.

After you have seen a doctor, call our office. We are here to make sure your rights are protected.

Negotiating With an Insurance Adjuster

Navigating negotiations with an insurance adjuster can be an overwhelming and complex process. Their main objective is to save their company money, so they often employ strategies to reduce the settlement amount or deny your claim altogether. It's not uncommon for adjusters to scrutinize your words, looking for inconsistencies or admissions that could be used to undermine your claim. For this reason, you should speak with us before you talk to an insurance adjuster.

Having legal representation during these interactions can significantly help level the playing field. An experienced car accident attorney understands the tactics adjusters use and knows how to negotiate effectively. We can handle all communications with the insurance company on your behalf, ensuring your rights are protected and your claim is accurately represented. With our help, you can focus on healing while we work to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

Understanding Comparative Negligence in West Jordan

understanding comparative negligence in West Jordan

Comparative negligence can significantly impact your West Jordan, Utah car accident claim. Under this modified comparative negligence rule, the compensation you can recover is diminished by the percentage you're found to be at fault for the accident. This can make the aftermath of a car accident even more challenging as you navigate your recovery and a potentially complex legal situation where every percentage point of fault matters.

If you are found to be partially responsible for the accident, you can still seek compensation for your injuries and property damage. Your settlement may be reduced by the percentage you are found to be at fault, so be sure to work with our team. We can help you secure maximum compensation.

West Jordan Car Accident Statute of Limitations

In Utah, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is four years. This means you have four years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Act swiftly to ensure you don't lose your right to pursue compensation is crucial. Four years might sound like a long time, but resolving a personal injury claim can take a while.

Schedule your case consultation with us as quickly as possible to ensure you don't miss your opportunity to file a claim.

Recoverable Damages in a West Jordan Car Accident Case

A few examples of the types of compensation we may be able to recover for you include:

Economic Damages

Economic damages following a car accident refer to the tangible, monetary losses incurred as a result of the incident. These are often calculable costs that you've directly paid or debts you've incurred. Among these, the following are the most commonly claimed:

  • Medical Expenses: This can cover everything from emergency room visits, surgeries, hospital visits, medication, physical therapy, and future medical costs associated with your injuries.
  • Lost Wages: If you are unable to resume your job, either temporarily or permanently, you may be compensated for the income you've lost and will lose in the future.
  • Property Damage: This includes repairing or replacing your vehicle and any other personal property damaged in the accident.
  • Out-of-Pocket Costs: These are any other expenses related directly to the accident or your injuries, such as travel expenses for medical appointments or home modifications for disability.

Understanding and accurately calculating economic damages is crucial to ensure you're adequately compensated. Let us ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages, meanwhile, account for the intangible impacts of a car accident. These damages can't be easily measured or quantified like economic damages, but they represent real, significant effects on a victim's life. Here are some examples:

  • Pain and Suffering: This includes compensation for the physical pain and discomfort you've experienced as a result of your injuries.
  • Emotional Distress: Accidents can lead to mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. You can pursue compensation for the emotional and psychological toll the accident has taken.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If your injuries hinder you from enjoying activities that you used to love, you may be compensated for this loss.

Although non-economic damages can be more challenging to quantify, they reflect the actual impact of the accident on your life. Having a skilled attorney can aid in effectively conveying the depth of these damages to ensure a comprehensive claim.

Call ReshLaw Accident & Injury for a Free Case Evaluation With Our West Jordan Car Accident Lawyer

Call ReshLaw Accident & Injury for a free case evaluation

If you're looking for a car accident lawyer in West Jordan, don't hesitate to contact ReshLaw Accident & Injury. Our expert team will review your case and discuss how we can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our team. We are here to advocate for you during your time of need.

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